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Blvd 40's 1 Year Anniversary

On May 27, 2020 the first Bible video was uploaded to the Blvd 40 YouTube channel. Since then, content has been created for Blvd 40 on Facebook, Instagram, and two websites (blvd40.org) & (www.thebiblein1year.com). Today marks Blvd 40's one-year anniversary creating Bible-based content!

For those of you who may not be familiar with our origin story, it is a humble one. Blvd 40 began on YouTube as a livestreaming video broadcast featuring myself reading the Bible.

It was a New Year's resolution to read the entire Bible from front to back and I knew that it would be a significant undertaking.

As such, I decided to share the journey with the subscribers that I had established on my primary YouTube channel which was dedicated to documenting my journey into entrepreneurship.

Concerning the Bible, there were mixed reviews from my followers. Previously, the only non-business related content that I had published were a few short motivational pieces and some occasional content on the importance of mental health (my personal experience being the focus).

My viewers enjoyed the inspirational content, but didn't have as much appreciation for the Bible reading.

I was given the suggestion more than once to consider putting the Bible reading videos on a separate channel and to stick to making business content on there, since it was a business channel.

I ignored the lack of enthusiasm for my scriptural livestreams and continued to read the Bible every morning at 7am on my YouTube channel 40 Entrepreneur Drive. It wasn't a perfect routine.

I was late a few times and constantly had server/internet/wifi making it impossible to always have a reliable broadcast. Regardless, the Bible readings continued.

After six months of contemplation, I finally acquiesced and created a fresh new channel specially made for my Bible reading. By June of 2020 I had stopped reading the Bible on my main channel and had fully transitioned to reading the Bible on the Bible channel.

The origin of the name Blvd 40 is derived from the first channel's name (40 Entrepreneur Drive) . Its moniker had multiple meanings as it pertained to my age at the time and my content niche.

The channel's suffix Drive was carefully chosen. It's symbolic of self-motivation, ambition, and forward movement from where a person is, to their destination: successful entrepreneurship.

It was important for the new channel to reflect that tone. Thus Drive became Boulevard/Blvd. Keeping the number 40 was also important for personal and spiritual reasons. This is how Blvd 40 got its name.

A keen observer browsing through the new channel might notice a recurring theme expressed in the thumbnail art. Each video cover features some type of pathway whether it be a foot trail, a sidewalk, a street, a dirt road, a highway, a hall, an aisleway, or some path.

This path was significant in symbolizing movement or a journey from one place to another-this time, for example, a journey through the Bible.

As in life, there is not a single "journey" but many. Everyday we go from one point to another to complete small tasks. Over our lifetime, we aim to accomplish larger goals through movement and repetition of actions and behaviors. The same goes for Blvd 40.

The first goal was to journey through the Bible from the beginning to the end in order to have a general understanding of its purpose. Mission accomplished.

The next goal, as the channel and brand continues to develop, we will continue to revisit scripture and discuss it alongside modern themes and topics in an effort to bring value and inspiration to those who are both familiar with the Bible and those wanting to become familiar with the Bible.

So what can you expect from Blvd 40 in the upcoming year and beyond?

More livestreaming and blogs. Also, bible-themed gaming, community events, and apparel are in the works to help build brand awareness of our movement and to represent Bible reading culture. We hope you choose to become a part of what we are creating.

It has been a wonderful first year and we are looking forward to creating more engaging multimedia content for various platforms for the edification of the Bible and for the education and entertainment of our followers.

We thank you for your support thus far and can't wait to see you in the next chapter of our company's development.

Kenya Sanchez

Founder and Chief Creative Director

Blvd 40, LLC

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