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Blvd 40, LLC is a  Texas-based, faith-based multi-media company offering unique solutions for Bible study. Our goal is to  become a category leader in Christian media worldwide. Contact us to inquire how you can partner with us.


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With a growing catalog of online Bible content and innovative media (current and under development), Blvd 40 strives to enhance  the lives of others by increasing Biblical literacy and encouraging a lifestyle  of Bible readership. We aim to grow familiarity with  the Bible through various multimedia platforms.
Founded in 2020, and incorporated in 2021, Blvd 40 is the parent brand of several online entities, creative projects, and phenomenon such as ¹the regularly used hashtag: #biblereadingparty; ²the website resource:; ³an accessories and apparel line: BRPtrends, ⁴and startup brand for interactive Biblical gameplay (under development).
Kenya Sanchez, a resident of Fort Worth Texas,  is the founder of Blvd 40, LLC. She works tirelessly to create thought provoking and entertaining Biblical content and bring the value of the Scripture to the  forefront of the online community through video, audio, and games.
The goal of Blvd 40/#biblereadingparty is to create or discover relevant Bible-based media and content with our followers and to leverage our influence to grow a community of Bible. At Blvd 40 we believe  that encouraging a lifestyle of Bible reading brings value to those who are willing to follow the wisdom found within the Word.  Get in touch to learn more.

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